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As a school administrator, you want the best for your students & their futures.  
We understand and we hear you.

(Which is why we're so confident you'll love what we've built with Ready MindSet Go!)

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The RMG Course

This program brings together Mindset + Strategy to give high schoolers their ticket to success.

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Speaking Engagements

We can bring this course to life with speaking engagements live or virtually. 

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What students are saying...

With RMG, students will release stress/overwhelm to cultivate a rock solid mindset, while building their confidence and professional networking skills.  
Above all, your students will leave this program with a vision for a career path and life that excites & motivates them! 

Our mission in creating RMG is to empower the next generation to take 100% accountability for their lives and careers.

We want young people to truly get to know themselves and start intentionally creating a life that excites and inspires them.

We would love to see a future where more people are doing things that are aligned with their own interests, passions & skillsets.

When this happens, we believe this world will be a happier place for all.

Julia and Melanie
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